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Books on story that elevate theological narrative

The most important contribution Christian filmmakers can make to the cinema is in our stories and characters. Stories, grounded in sound, biblical theology, are essential. These books will help you to think more clearly about narrative and theology.

Books on the craft of storytelling

There are far too many books on writing and storytelling. You don’t need to read them all. You just need a few that cover the basics while avoiding formulaic pitfalls. I’ve read more writing books than I’d like to admit, and most are marginal to unhelpful. These books are the ones that I consider the most helpful.

Movies Independent Filmmakers Should Watch

Powerful films don’t have to be large scale productions with action, guns, spectacle and name actors. These are some of my favorite films that tell engaging and powerful small scale stories that are within the reach of independent filmmakers.

Classics of French New Wave, Italian Neorealism & Soviet Cinema

These films were often produced on shoe-string budgets, in foreign languages, with no-name actors, yet they established themselves as great works of cinematic art that continue to be lauded for their innovation today.

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“…the ‘New Wave’ is neither a movement, nor a school, nor a group, it’s a quality

 Francois Truffault 1961


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