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Advancing the Art of Christian Cinema by Encouraging, Educating, Equipping and Inspiring Christian Filmmakers


Engaging at the Intersection of the Arts and Theology

Engaging at the Intersection of the Arts and Theology

Brett McCracken is a senior editor of The Gospel Coalition, overseeing content related to culture and the arts, and his favorite art form is film. Brett isn't just a self made cinephile, he studied film at UCLA. Brett has a wide breadth of cinema theory and history,...

The Faithful Filmmaker with Brad Silverman Part 2

The Faithful Filmmaker with Brad Silverman Part 2

After Grace Unplugged was released, writer/director Brad Silverman chronicles his experience through a long dry period and recounts God's faithfulness during that time as he parted ways with one producing partner and was sought by a new one. This is the...

“The motion picture camera, like the printing press, is a gift from God. We can use it for God’s purpose.”

 James K. Friedrich in the 1930’s


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A brilliant theologian and literary scholar opens a window not only on Malick’s masterpiece, but on the theological possibilities of cinema

The fascinating origins of the Christian film history. What we wrestle with today has been dealt with in the past.

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How we got where we are today in the Christian film industry.

Writing, directing, acting — it’s all here. Most every book that has followed has only complicated and encumbered the writer and filmmaker. If it was good enough for Stanley Kubrick…

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Vanhoozer’s first chapter reads like a manifesto for Christian filmmakers