In a recent interview with Collider, Steven Spielberg shared one piece of advice to young filmmakers.

“The only piece of advice I love to give is don’t worry so much about technique and don’t worry so much about where to put the camera or have a light. Worry about one thing or think about one thing, preoccupy yourself with, how do you tell a story that’s really interesting, that you can get somebody not to walk out of the room right in the middle of your second act of your telling the story? How do you just tell a story that people lean into what you’re saying and they don’t lean back, they don’t start looking around the room? Find a way first, a compelling way to express your art through your storytelling. Once you’ve got that, there’s a lot of people in this world that will get around you and show you the ropes, but learning how to be a storyteller is the most important advice I can give you.”

Read the Collider article and watch the interview here.