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We have an exciting episode today, and one that may be marking a very interesting development in the film industry. Would you ever consider a faith filmmaker a voice of diversity? Well, it is, at least for a new independent film company called Mutiny Pictures. Mutiny is a new effort founded by Colleen Butler and Producer Ben Yennie, who was my guest on this podcast back in April. 

Ben has been focused on helping independent filmmakers navigate the shark infested waters of Hollywood, and now he is taking the next step by forming a company that will develop, market and distribute their own projects. Colleen was part of the marketing effort of The Passion of the Christ. She’s spent many years working in marketing and development, and now she’s Head of Development at Mutiny. 

In this episode we’ll spend some time getting to know Colleen, talking with her about the marketing campaign for Passion, and then Ben joins us to talk about Mutiny Pictures. 


Mutiny Pictures
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