You might know of Indie Film Hustle, Rise of the Filmtrepreneur, and Alex Ferrari, but you might not know about Alex’s curated streaming service called Indie Film Hustle TV, or IFHTV.

Alex has produced and curated a wide range of resources for filmmakers, covering everything from screenwriting to distribution. Want to learn about lenses? There’s a lessong on that. Social media marketing? He’s got you covered. How to pitch? Check.

Here’s how Alex positions his service:

Film Education Reinvented!

Access hundreds of hours of online courses, workshops & seminars taught by some of the film industry’s greatest minds. If you want to learn about screenwriting, directing actors, cameras and lenses, film distribution, or how to become a Filmtrepreneur, we have you covered.

 Check out this video.

You can’t beat the content. Alex has also curated a number of micro-budget features so that you can see what some filmmakers are doing on a shoestring.

There’s a lot of great videos on this site and it’s definitely worth your time and money. When I signed up it the fee was $99.95 per year, which is a mere $8.33 per month (I can’t guarantee the price will be the same when you sign up, so check it out yourself.)

Indie Film Hustle TV