If you’ve been around some of the more reformed circles of Christian ministries you will be very familiar with the ministry of 9 Marks. 9 Marks is devoted to equipping local churches to be healthy churches. I’ve followed, and benefited, from 9 Marks ministry for years. Jonathan Leeman, the Editorial Director at the ministry of 9 Marks is my guest on this episode.

Having made the jump into the Christian film industry later in my career, I have to admit, I’ve been bewildered by how poorly this genre of film is represented, and how difficult it is to get anything produced and distributed. Filmmaking in general is a very hard nut to crack, but it seems Christian film has a double dose of difficulty, and I often wonder if God really cares about his people, or his church, utilizing this medium for his purposes. Are Christian films valuable to the church — to the world, or are they just a frivolous amusement?

This is why I invited Jonathan Leeman on this podcast, to give me a biblically solid, reformed churchman’s perspective on Christian film.


9 Marks Ministry

Jonathan Leeman’s book How the Nations Rage; Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age

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